Amethyst's Hairfinity Testimonial
Amethyst's Hairfinity Review

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I got my first bottle March 1 2013.I took the first pair of vitamins that night . Today is March 20, 2013 it is my 18th day of the vitamins ( I missed a few days). Anywho I would like to say my length and thickness is unbelievable. I can not wait to get my hair wash and trim to see how long my hair really is at the moment. I am most certainly going to buy two to three more bottles. I would like to also report I had zero side effects except for one hair growth. Key tip keep your hair moisturize can not stress that enough. And for what products to use on your adventures to hair growth review their article about best hair products and also stick with what you know! Well bye for now after my third bottle I will submit my picture which should be sometime in August just before school.Just simply amazing !!!

Review courtesy of Amethyst Williams

Mea's Hairfinity Testimonial
Mea's Hairfinity Review

4 Star Rating: Recommended

The first is my hair after cutting it and going thru the natural process. The second is my hair now!! Thank you. Healthy fast growth. I went natural and cut my hair(ear length) in July 2012. Now (march 2013) I have my hair to my back :) thank you!!!

Review courtesy of Mea McCann

Michelle's Hairfinity Testimonial
Michelle's Hairfinity Review

5 Star Rating: Recommended

I have been using HF since February 6, 2012, it is now March 9, 2013; since beginning my hair has gotten much more full and longer. Not to mention I had a HORRID trim before starting because I wanted an accurate length check after a trim. Makes sense? :/ I was surprised at the growth I was having and the breakage which is no more.I am a 3c type girl and I have worn my hair curly for the last 6 months. Therefore my hair is always about shoulder length. I just gave myself a trim last week stretched my by hand and was shocked. My hair appears to be circa the mid of my back...getting me closer to BSL. Customer service is always great. Presence on the social media is always wonderful and I enjoy the interaction. Can be pricey when on a tight budget but I\'m loving it and make concessions. Thank you for helping me be a more beautiful, healthier career girl on the go!! Much gratitude, and thanks for listening always.

Review courtesy of Michelle Jackson